Family with 3 young kids traumatised after their car was hit by van at Punggol Central

Submitted by Stomper Latiff

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Stomper Latiff and her family were involved in a road accident, involving their Nissan car and a van, at Punggol Central on Mar 25 at around 11.50am.

Latiff was driving, while her daughter and three grandchildren were passengers, when the van hit their vehicle from the driver's side.

The Stomper, who is appealing for witnesses and video footage of the collision, said:

"I was involved in a road accident at the junction of Punggol Central on 25 March at 11.50 am. I was turning right (in my pink Nissan March) when a yellow van hit me on the side.

"The impact was so hard that my air bags were activated.

"I was with my daughter and her three young children, aged seven, three and seven months old. The children are traumatised.

"The van driver did stop and told us he would give us the in-car camera footage as it was his mistake and insisted on not calling the police as we were cooperating.

"However, after a few calls he started giving excuses saying that he cannot give us the video footage.

"I appeal to anyone who has video footage of the accident to please share it with me.

"Thank you."

Kindly contact us at or WhatsApp 9384 3761 if you have any information about the incident.