19-year-old Malaysian woman allegedly on drugs drives against traffic and kills newlywed driver on collision at highway

Submitted by Stomper Awyong

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A 19-year-old Malaysian woman who was suspected to be on drugs drove her car, a Proton Gen2 against the traffic on the PLUS Highway in Sungai Dua, Malaysia yesterday (Mar 14) at around 7.59am, plowing into an oncoming car and killing the driver, on the spot. 

Shocking videos showing how the woman had recklessly sped against the oncoming traffic flow have since been circulating on WhatsApp, to which Stomper Awyong has alerted Stomp to. 

In a video, the accused’s car, a green Proto Gen2 could first be seen moving alongside the highway road divider. 

A second video showed the car moments later after the accident happened, with the front bumper and bonnet heavily damaged.

At least three other vehicles were involved in the accident, including two white cars and a turquoise factory van.

According to World of Buzz, the the victim was 26-year-old Mohammad Fendi, who was on his way to work from Sungai Petani, Kedah, and had just married his pregnant wife three months before. 

The impact of the collision was so great that the victim died on the spot, after the accused’s vehicle plowed into his Perodua Kelisa, before slamming into the divider, crashing into a van, two cars and a motorcycle. 

Said a friend of the victim, Marul Power on his Facebook Page:

“That is my friend! 

“His wife is pregnant and they’ve only been married for 3 months!”

Wreckages from the vehicles littered the scene. 

The accused, on the other hand suffered only a minor injury in her left eye, and has been detained by the police after receiving treatment at Hospital Bukit Mertajam. 

The condition of the other drivers are unknown, but it is believed that they only sustained minor injuries, reports The Star Online

The police tested the accused for alcohol, but were shocked when results indicated that she had been high on meth. 

The accused will be investigated under Road Transport Act 1987, Section 41 for causing death by dangerous or reckless driving.

Netizens were also enraged by the girl’s outrageous and unforgivable behaviour.

Said one netizen:

“What the hell was she doing? 

“She’s putting others’ lives in danger!”

Another netizen added:

“Because of you, the victim’s child will be fatherless! 

“I hope you will be punished severely for this!”

Watch videos on the story below.