Why beat one red light when you can beat two, like this reckless driver?

Beating red lights, endangering pedestrians and other motorists, and generally ignoring road rules seems to be the trend these days in our sunny island.

It has reached a point where some errant motorists have decided that they would rather break multiple traffic rules at once.

Take the driver seen in this video featured on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road, credited to lktuio lktuio, for example.

In the clip, the driver recklessly changes lanes, almost hitting the dash-cam car on the way.

The driver than speeds up, and does not slow down when approaching a traffic junction showing amber lights.

The errant motorist beats the red light, even as pedestrians are crossing, speeds towards a right turn.

If you think this driver is done with the antics, you were wrong.

The dash-cam car driver asks "why don't cut again?" 

And the reckless motorist does just that.

At the turn, the driver simply waits for an opening and speeds forth, ignoring the red light there.