What was he thinking? Scooter rider cuts into Stomper’s lane without signalling and makes rude gesture

Submitted by Stomper Iwwho1

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Stomper Iwwho1 was driving along the East Coast Parkway (ECP) express way on Friday (Mar 3) at around 6.51pm when a rider on a scooter pulled up on the left side of her vehicle and continually sounded his horn, before swerving into her lane abruptly without signalling.

The reckless action caused Iwwho1 to jam on her brakes to avoid hitting the scooter.

However, it did not end there.

The rider then made an offensive gesture and indicated for Iwwho1 to move to the left lane.

When Iwwho1 did not react to his taunt, he sped off in the direction of Benjamin Sheares Bridge. 

The entire incident was captured on Iwwho1's dashboard camera on her vehicle and she subsequently submitted it ot Stomp. 

Said Iwwho1:

“I was travelling at 95km/h so you can imagine how dangerous it was.

“I was definitely not road hogging and I was on the rightmost lane. 

"He was also jeering and making weird noises. 

“His actions were uncalled for and downright reckless.

“What’s worse, my two children were in the car.

“They were traumatised by his behaviour. 

Iwwho1 also claimed that this was not the first time she had been harassed by the same rider.

He had done so earlier in the morning in the morning too:

“I hope other motorcyclists and drivers out there who use the ECP at about 6.45pm on weekdays will stay vigilant and beware this potential hazard. 

Watch the video below.