Utter destruction after woman allegedly hijacks lorry for joyride on Orchard Road

A 28-year-old woman was arrested after driving a stolen lorry and leaving a trail of destruction early Tuesday (Feb 21) morning.

In post by Facebook user Edwin Dave, one of the victims in the incident, he explained that the woman had taken an elderly man's lorry for a joyride at Orchard Towers.

Edwin explained that the woman, who was allegedly drunk, had hit his bus, multiple taxis and cars along the way, leaving at least a few of the vehicles badly damaged.

Edwin told The Straits Times that he had seen the woman try to open a car door earlier, but failed to do so as it was locked.

But the lorry had been left unlocked by the driver, who was out for deliveries, so the woman managed to get into the vehicle.

Edwin saw the elderly lorry driver chasing the woman, so he picked him up in his vehicle and gave chase as well.

They managed to track her down and stop her, but not before she had spilled the lorry's load of drinks all over the road.

The police, who were alerted to the incident at 4.56am, arrived shortly after and arrested the woman.

The entire incident lasted over a span of 30 minutes, and police investigations are ongoing.