What happens when driver tries to be funny and cut into lorry's lane

Submitted by Stomper Apid

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This is exactly why you should never cut into a lorry's lane while on the roads.

In the following video alerted to us by Stomper Apid on the SG Road Vigilante Facebook Page, the dashboard camera clip shows a lorry and a silver car waiting for at a traffic light along West Coast Road towards Jurong Town Hall Road.

According to the dash-cam, the following incident took place on Thursday (Jan 5) at 8.49am in the morning.

The car later tries to cut the lorry's queue -- but to no avail.

Instead, the lorry refuses to budge, and continues to travel straight -- this results in the lorry literally driving against the car's body, and damaging the wing mirron on the driver's side. 


We are pretty sure there is probably more to the damage, but we hope you learn a very valuable lesson from the clip: NEVER try overtaking a lorry unless you want your car to be damaged.