Driver forced to jam on brakes after cabby recklessly stops for passenger

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Stomper K was horrified to witness an unpleasant incident at Lentor Avenue along Yio Chu Kang Road yesterday (Jan 10) at around 10.20pm, where a cabby recklessly driving at a high speed cut lanes to pick up a passenger by the roadside.

Said the Stomper:

"The taxi driver's abrupt action could have caused an accident!

"Fortunately, the driver beside me was driving at a lower speed and we were alert to stop the vehicle on time." 

In the video below, the taxi is seen abruptly changing lanes after the cabby spotted a man flagging for a taxi by the roadside. 

K's driver was shocked by the taxi driver's sudden action, and had to jam on the brakes. 

"I definitely would not want this to happen to anyone as this could have lead to more serious outcome, so please drive carefully," added the Stomper.