Driver SJV119H goes against traffic -- but how he reverses to let Stomper pass is equally dangerous

Submitted by Stomper Prabha

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Stomper Prabha encountered a driver, with licence plate SJV119H, who went against traffic in a one-way road and then tried to backtrack his steps.

The Stomper contributed a video of the incident, which occurred on Apr 1 at around 6.50pm, while she was travelling along Ubi Road.

The clip shows how the driver, who was going in the wrong direction, had come face to face with Prabha,

Unable to pass, the errant driver was left with no choice but to reverse and backtrack the distance that he or she had travelled.

Stomper Prabha recounted what happened:

"It was after rain, when I was travelling along Ubi Road and entering Ubi Crescent..

"I saw this vehicle driving against oncoming traffic in a one-way road.

"Lucky for the motorcyclist, as seen in the video, to have reacted in time and avoided colliding with the car.

"The car was waiting for me to go so that he could come out from the road, but I didn't give way to him.

"Eventually, he was left with no choice but to reverse back."

Prabha said that she has already submitted her video to authorities and made a report.