'Oops, I'm driving in the wrong direction -- but let me correct my mistake'

Submitted by Stomper Ben

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You would have thought that with so many cases of drivers going against traffic, some of which have resulted in arrests, that motorists should have learnt not to do so by now.

Unfortunately, that is not the case, as evident in these videos taken by Stomper Ben.

He spotted a "boo-boo" van driver that was travelling against traffic on along Bukit Panjang Road before Bukit Panjang Plaza yesterday (Apr 22), at about 6.50pm.

In the two clips -- one showing his front view and another showing the rear view -- that he filmed, the van driver can be seen stopped by one side of the road, presumably waiting for oncoming traffic to pass.

Once the road was clear, the driver made a turn to get back on the right track and in the correct direction.