Driver of the year: See how many traffic rules driver of Renault SLG 5917T violates

Submitted by Stomper Nash

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Stomper Nash was left speechless after encountering a driver who had no respect for traffic rules or other drivers at the junction of Race Course Road, Birch Road and Gloucester Road yesterday (May 4).

Nash was waiting at a traffic junction when the Renault driver of SLG 5917T impatiently sounded his horn at him and proceeded to overtake Nash's car from behind stopping just short of the pedestrian crossing.

He then proceeded to block the Stomper and also made it difficult for vehicles travelling straight in the left lane to get past him.

If you lost count of how many traffic rules the Renault driver violated, Nash summed them all up in point form:

1) (0:06) Stopped at amber light on a bi-directional lane
2) (0:10) Impatient driver horns from behind 
3) (0:28) Driver pulls past and stops short of pedestrian crossing
4) (1:13) engages reverse in deliberate attempt to block both lanes so that I am unable to pass by him 
5) Irrationally causes traffic backup while trying to play tit-for tat for making him stop at the traffic junction.

Watch the video below.