Driver of Mercedes SJY2012C not only parks on double yellow line, but blocks other vehicles from moving off

Submitted by Stomper Mervyn

Stomper Mervyn had parked his car on the first parking lot along Anchorvale Community Centre and was getting out from his car when he realised that the driver of a silver Mercedes SJY2012C had parked on the the double yellow line in front. 

Despite the act being a blatant flout of traffic laws, Melvyn did not want to cause trouble and left after placing his coupon on his windshield.

When he returned 20 minutes later, he discovered that the Mercedes driver had parked his vehicle so close to his own that he could not drive out of his lot.

Said Melvyn:

“The driver definitely did that on purpose.

"I waited for a while but he did not come back, so I decided I wasn't going to wait for him.

“I had to try for a couple of times before I could get out of the parking lot.

“My wife even got down to guide me.

“Road bullies like these should be taught a lesson.”