Watch how BMW cuts in front of 5 other vehicles queueing to get into Tampines 1 carpark

Submitted by Stomper Daniel

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Daniel was annoyed when a BMW driver cut into the queue to enter Tampines 1 mall's carpark yesterday evening (Dec 23).

The carpark was full and according to the Stomper, there were at least five cars waiting behind him.

Said Daniel:

"Out of nowhere from the right most lane, BMW SKH6363R came in to try to squeeze into a small gap in front of our car. 

"Instead of queueing like everyone else, this arrogant driver blocked our car and five other cars behind us to cut the queue to Tampines One carpark. 

"He even blocked the right most lane of the main road meant for going straight, blocking all other cars behind him. 

"He did not even apologise when he was honked by us and by few other cars behind him."

Watch the video below.