Blue car gets sandwiched between lorry and car in accident at Jalan Kayu 

Submitted by Stomper Low

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A blue car was squashed after crashing into a lorry, while another black car rammed into it from the back.

The accident happened today (May 11) at around 10am in  Jalan Kayu, and Stomper Low alerted Stomp to it.

In the videos that Low took, the blue could be seen, being caught between a lorry in front and a black car at its back. 

The front and back of the car were visibly damaged. 

There were also an ambulance and a police patrol vehicle at the scene.

Said Low:

“I heard a baby crying at the scene too.

“I think that the driver of the car in the middle was injured.”

Stomp has reached out to the police for an official statement on the accident.