To the driver of the blue vehicle who hit my car, please own up, or else...

Stomper Fyn is appealing for the driver who hit her Citroën DS3 parked between Block 33 and 34 in Marsiling Drive to come forward before she decides to press charges against him or her.

In a telephone interview, the Stomper said that there was a huge dent near the front passenger door of her car.

Fyn had first parked her car at a loading bay in between blocks 33 and 34 on Sunday (May 7) at around 10am.

She left the Citroën there for two days as she planned to sell her car and had a lot of items to remove.

On Tuesday (May 9), Fyn shifted her car to a parking lot.

On Wednesday (May 10), she saw a huge dent on her car as a passenger was boarding it. Because of the damage, she was unable to open her passenger door.

Fyn believes that her vehicle was hit by another when it was at the loading bay as there was a wall on the left side of her car at the carpark, making it highly unlikely that her Citroën was damaged then.

There were streaks of blue paint in the dent, leading the Stomper to suspect that her Citroën was hit by a blue vehicle.

Fyn has since made a police report over the incident, but is prepared to drop any potential charges should the driver who hit her car come forward and compensate her for the damages.

Kindly contact us at or via WhatsApp at +65 9384 3761 if you are the driver or if you have any information about the accident.