The Tanglin Club organises ten-hour charity swim for Children's Kidney Centre

The Tanglin Club is holding its HIGH TEN! Ten-hour charity swim on July 9 to raise funds for the Children's Kidney Centre (CKC) and its programmes.

The club explained the significance of ten hours on its website:

"Do you know it takes TEN HOURS for dialysis to be completed? That’s TEN HOURS every night, hooked up to a dialysis machine through a catheter. 

"And that’s not counting the time you need to prepare to be hooked up and the time taken to clean up after."

The event is to raise funds in support of CKC and its programmes such as The CKC Annual Camp which gives children on dialysis the opportunity to participate in a sleepover camp.

Another programme is Project Dreamcatchers for National University Hospital's children with lifelong chronic illnesses.

It helps them build resilience and purue dreams to elad independent, meaningful lives and assists these children with employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Show your support and lend your hands (and feet) to this cause.


HIGH TEN! A Ten-Hour Charity Swim
Saturday, 09 Jul 2016
Swimming Pool, 7.00am
Member $0.00/Guest $0.00

Donations should be made out to:

“National University of Singapore”, with “Tanglin Club/Children’s Kidney Centre” written on the back of the cheque. Please include your full name, NRIC/FIN number, address and contact number for your tax deduction to be processed (for donations of >$50).

All donations will be earmarked by the National University of Singapore in support of the Children’s Kidney Centre, via the Paediatric Renal Division Fund (Donation) and the Project Dreamcatchers Fund.