'Menacing' insect looks like ant, has pincer like scorpion -- and can even fly

Submitted by Stomper Lau Lup

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Stomper Lau Lup came across an unusual insect with very interesting features in his home on Apr 18.

He was startled when the creature, which had a head like an ant and a rear resembling a scorpion, revealed its wing and flew away.

Lau Lup said:

"Menacing-looking creature found in my living room in the evening after work on Tuesday 18 April.

"It has a large pincer on its rear end and looked wingless as its wings were hidden inside its body cavity. Hence I was shocked when it flew away!

"Its head looked like that of an ant, while its back looked like a scorpion. Yet unlike ants and scorpions, it was able to fly and hence visit my home which is six storeys high!"

A search online shows that the insect resembles an earwig, a fairly abundant species that is found in many parts around the world.

Despite its distinctive appearance and pincers, they cause little to no harm to humans.