Stomper feels we have to better educate kids to not join gangs to prevent bullying incidents

Stomper Hui Min feels that we have to better educate kids to not join gangs to prevent bullying incidents.

This is her entry for November's What Say You topic, 'Have you been a victim of bullying or do you know anyone who has been bullied before? Tell us how you would handle it'

After reading the few articles regarding the bullying incidents on Stomp, I feel sorry for the victims and angry about the prevalence of such incidents, especially in a civilized society.

While I am lucky enough to not be involved in a bullying incident before, I have definitely heard or seen such incidents from friends.

Some bullying incidents start because the bullies want to show off their strength and power.

However, most bullying incidents start because of peer pressure and end up joining the "gang". While they may just be spectators, their presence actually helps boost the courage of the bullies.

We should be firm when rejecting the invitation from bullies and report the situation to teachers or parents immediately.

There are many other reasons to why bullying incidents take place and different ways to prevent it from happening, so I believe that there is not just one method to deal with such situations. 

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