Those who think women's dress will attract sexual harassment, their brains are not functioning!

Stomper Balwinder thinks that it is ridiculous to think that women's dressing can attract sexual harassment. 

This is his entry for July's What Say You topic, 'Would having a public dress code lead to less sexual offences?'

Whatever your style is, it is your personal style, and it makes you happy. What others think of your choice in outfit or bikini is not relevant, as long as you are comfortable in what you’re wearing.

Whether it is your outfit choices, your bodily decisions, or even your drinking/dietary habits, as long as no one is put in danger by your actions, then it should not matter to anyone else.

In the words of Olive from the movie Easy A, “it is nobody’s god damn business.”

Those think that women's dress make men to do offense and sexual harassment is full of sh*t and nonsense!!! And those think like this, and such things they mentally disabled their brain not functioning.. !! 

All women have right to wear what they like .....

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