Disciplinary actions taken against McDelivery rider who beat red light: McDonald's

The McDelivery rider who was caught beating a red light in Kaki Bukit has been counselled, with necessary disciplinary actions taken, said McDonald's in a statement.

In an earlier report, a Stomper had witnessed the incident on Feb 2 and sent a video of the traffic offence to Stomp.

In an official statement to Stomp, a McDonald's spokesperson said:

"We take all feedback on our employees seriously and have conducted a thorough investigation. We have since counselled our rider on the seriousness of this matter and have taken the necessary disciplinary actions.

"As part of our commitment to safety, we encourage members of the public to report any unsafe riding practices to us by calling our McDelivery 24/7 hotline at 6777 3777 or email us with their feedback at customercare@sg.mcd.com.

"Safety has always been of paramount importance to us and we would like to assure the community that we are committed to ensuring the safety of all motorists, road users and pedestrians.

"All riders are provided training on traffic regulations and the importance of compliance to the same.

"We will continue to reinforce safety measures with our fleet of riders."