Monitor lizard takes a dip in pool after finding its way into Jurong East Swimming Complex

Submitted by Stomper Mark and Karthik

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Stompers Mark and Karthik alerted Stomp to a video circulating online showing a monitor lizard taking a swim in a pool at Jurong East Swimming Complex.

In the video uploaded by netizen Davy Koh, the lizard can be first seen slithering quickly in a lazy pool at the complex.

It then slowed down and started walking at the bottom of the pool.

Towards the end of the video, two women dressed in red can be seen standing beside the pool. 

Another man holding a tool to catch the lizard was also standing nearby.

The reptile looked to be around one metre long based on the video.

It is unclear where the lizard came from or what happened thereafter. 

Said the netizen in a caption accompanying the video:

"An enthusiastic monitor lizard decided to gate crash Jurong East Swim Complex to enjoy a cool dip and swim workout in the current pool.

"Very sleek and fast.

"Some tips on streamlining for the newbie swimmers."