Man's 'vandalised' car turns out to be anniversary prank by his girlfriend

A driver's worst nightmare is a vandalised car. But what if your loved ones had done such a dastardly deed, as a prank?

That was the situation Mr Sim Yumin, 36, faced.

Photos of his defaced car had gone viral, which Stomper Carmine alerted Stomp to.

In the photos, a white car can be seen with black and red words all over the vehicle.

Some of the words included 'FAT & FABULOUS', 'Y SO FAST', 'PRADA POWER' and 'O$P$'.

There was also a black and red skull logo on the car's roof. 

The photos showed the vehicle in the Jurong and Ubi area.

According to a report on The Straits Times, Mr Sim had just finished exercising at Bedok Reservoir Park when a phone call from a friend informed him there was an "accident" at the park's carpark.

However, upon reaching the carpark, he realised his Nissan Silvia S15 had been heavily vandalised.

He admitted to being speechless, angry and scared at the same time as he wondered whom he had offended.

However, after a few seconds, a group of 15 of his friends jumped out from behind a parked van and yelled "surprise" last Wednesday (Apr 19) night.

The entire setup was a prank that was planned and executed by Mr Sim's girlfriend, Ms Shereen Tan, 29.

Along with her friends, the pranksters, who took 40 minutes to complete their handiwork at a nearby multi-storey carpark, thought it would be a great way to celebrate the couple's 10th anniversary.

However, netizens thought the Nissan, which had words like Prada Power, O$P$, Fat and Fabulous, had been vandalised by loanshark runners.

Mr Sim, who is now amused at the whole affair, said he did not dare look at people who were snapping photos of his car as he was driving his car to the workshop.