Impatient mum learns to treasure time with her son after losing temper at him

In today's fast paced society, we tend to be impatient, short-tempered and want everything to be done as quickly as possible.

But as we rush through life, we often neglect our loved ones and do not spend enough quality time with them, forgetting that it's the little moments that count.

In this Viddsee Originals film titled, 'Time', a young mother is overwhelmed with work and grows irritated at her son's desire for attention.

However, an unexpected and tear-jerking memory changes her mindset.

At the premiere of 'Time' on May 5, local director Daniel Yam revealed that his inspiration for the film came one day when his own daughter told him, "Daddy, hurry up!"

He then realised that she had been influenced by him and his constant rushing.

Check out the film supported by the Singapore Film Commission below.

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