Help! Has anyone seen my parrot? He's a part of my family

Submitted by Stomper Serene

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Update: Baby has safely returned to Serene and her family on his own.

According to Serene in a phone interview, Baby flew back to their balcony this morning. 

Stomper Serene was worried when her parrot, Baby, flew away and did not return after her daughter brought it down for a walk yesterday (April 30) at around 8pm.

Baby was last seen at Sengkang East Avenue, Austville Residences. 

According to Serene, Baby is hand tamed and is fully capable of flying.

Although he has flown away twice before yesterday’s incident, he always returned home an hour or two later, but he has yet to return even now.

Said Serene:

“We are all so worried and my daughter is upset.

“He’s a part of our family.”

If you have any information regarding the lost parrot, please email Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.