YouTuber on sex life after losing a testicle to cancer: 'Funny enough, they never ask questions'

James Rainier was diagnosed with testicular cancer on April 27, 2022.

He revealed the diagnosis in a YouTube video on July 12 this year.

On a recent podcast, the 32-year-old YouTuber was asked by radio DJ Sonia Chew whether he had been "physically intimate" with anyone since receiving treatment for his cancer.

After Rainier said yes, Chew asked: "How did it go?"

He replied: "Funny enough, they never ask questions. So it's all in my head actually."

The former Smart Local content creator explained why he is an "advocate for being transparent".

"One of the reasons why I knew it was cancer was because my partner at that time did say something about hey, got something wrong, right, because I don't do the check myself, which everybody should do."

Rainer said that after the surgery, he always felt that people wanted to ask even if they didn't say it out loud.

"I'm sure they are in their head like 'Why this guy got only one ball?'"

But he admitted that he was over-thinking it.

"All my partners have never said... 'Oh, you have one ball.' Because I also do have existing body issues, this is another thing like piling up."

He told Chew he already felt like he was "less of a man" because of his insecurities about his height, which he spoke about in the podcast.

Rainer also talked about having children in the future, revealing that he used to want to have 11 kids.

"Before the chemo, I had to freeze my sperm," he said before adding with a laugh: "But the sperm not good. So I don't know freeze for what."

Regarding starting a family, Rainier said: "It's a conversation I will have with my partner.

"But I think also I have it easier because people have watched the video already. People know that I got the testicular cancer. So they wouldn't be surprised if they see something missing down there."