Worker on SHN shares gratitude for well-equipped JTC Space @ Tuas with free internet, healthcare and more

Submitted by Stomper Shawon

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A foreign construction worker has expressed his gratitude towards his management and the government for all that they have done for him and his colleagues while they were serving their Stay-Home Notice (SHN).

Stomper Shawon said that he has spent the past two weeks at JTC Space @ Tuas, a medical post facility that houses foreign workers.

According to The Straits Times, JTC Space @ Tuas has a swab isolation facility where foreign workers are kept in isolation after being tested and while they await their results.

The facility has capacity for 150 workers, where 120 places are for those awaiting results.

Shawon, a 29-year-old Bangladeshi, said his SHN ended on Monday (May 18), at 11.59pm.

On the final day of his SHN, Shawon took to Facebook to recount his experience at JTC Space @ Tuas and shared his post with Stomp.

In his post, the Stomper described the facility as a "wonderful living place" where everyone lived "happily".

He acknowledged having access to regular facilities on top of those for sports and recreation.

All workers were also provided with three meals a day, drinks, snacks and entertainment to pass the time.

According to Shawon, everyone was given free wi-fi access and a complimentary SIM card with 100GB of data.

They also had access to free healthcare, medical facilities and Covid-19 swab tests.

Asked how he passed the time during the past two weeks, Shawon said: "For me, I’m working from home, so I have something to do every day, such as official and regular paperwork."

"For my other colleagues who work on construction sites and various projects, they mostly have nothing to do, but are given many options to stay busy.

"These include learning something new online, attending e-courses and watching educational videos.

"We can even order things and cooking stuff online for those who want to cook. There is an Indian shop here that delivers things door-to-door once we order via text

"I felt very comfortable and safe, because we were provided with everything we might need."

Shawon, who is still at JTC Space @ Tuas, added: "We still can't go out as we haven't been given permission to resume work, but they will advice us soon.

"This message is to show appreciation for my management, the Ministry of Manpower, and the Ministry of Health for their support and arrangement."