Woman who threatened dog with cane got warning before, pet now safe at SPCA and may be rehomed

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An elderly woman who was caught on camera threatening a dog with a cane is known by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), which has given her a "firm warning" before.

Stomper Jasmine alerted Stomp to a video of the incident uploaded on Thursday (Nov 9) by TikTok user AventMetier, who said it happened at Pek Kio Market and Food Centre.


"This felt so wrong and stressful to watch," wrote the TikToker in the caption of the 86-second video, which has since garnered more than 300,000 views.

In response to the "concerning" video, SPCA posted on Facebook the next day that the woman had previously been identified regarding "similar animal welfare concerns".

SPCA said that on May 4, staff from the SPCA and volunteers from the Moulmein-Cairnhill Constituency Office provided the woman with guidance and counselling to ensure the well-being and proper care of her pets.

"A firm warning was issued, emphasising that further action would be taken if she did not comply with our advice. Regrettably, it seems that she has not followed the recommended guidelines.

"Thus, we will be taking further action and have concurrently escalated the matter to the authorities," said SPCA, adding that the dog is safe and receiving care from the SPCA vet.

The Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) said it has been alerted to the video and is looking into the matter.

Tanjong Pagar GRC MP Alvin Tan posted on Facebook that he also knows the woman, who had previously reassured him and others that she would take care of the dog, referred to as "B", properly.

"Unfortunately, her latest actions have caused disappointment and frustration amongst those of us in the community who have stepped in to help." said Mr Tan.

"I see comments online asking others to take action or track her down. I understand the good intentions but please refrain from doing so. Instead, let me assure you that we are taking the appropriate action."

He added: "We are considering options to care for 'B', including potentially re-homing 'B'. We have someone in our community willing to care for 'B'."