Woman who cried and prayed for parrot's return reunites with it after Stomp report

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A woman who lost her parrot last Monday (April 9) has been reunited with it and expressed her gratitude towards Stomper Nikole for finding the bird.

In a report yesterday (April 17) Nikole said the bird flew into her home in Joo Chiat, near Koon Seng Road, on April 11.

Shortly after the report was published, the parrot's owner, Ms Luo, contacted Stomp to identity herself.

She said she discovered that her parrot, Xiao Qing, had flown away from its cage on April 9 and has been worried sick ever since.

"I have been going mad with worry, praying and crying for days ever since he went missing," she told Stomp.

"When I saw Xiao Qing's photo on Stomp, I immediately recognised him at first glance. He hadn't bathed for days. I was so touched that I cried when I saw his picture."

Ms Luo got in touch with Stomper Nikole yesterday afternoon and went down to her house later that day to retrieve her pet.

She also sent photos of her with Xiao Qing and profusely thanked Stomp for helping to reunite them.

"I offered Nikole a small token for her help but she declined it.

"Kindness begets kindness. Thank you so much for your help! I am so grateful."

Nikole told Stomp that she observed Xiao Qing's interaction with its owner and noticed that it responded quite well.

As such, she was sure that she had returned the bird to its rightful owner.

She said: "She seemed very worried.

"I'm pretty glad that they are reunited and that there is a nice ending to this, as the success rate of usual lost and found stories are not high."