Woman says she is Aliff Aziz's GF and he has been 'brainwashed': 'My heart broke for trusting him'

The Star
Apr 22, 2024

Singaporean actor Aliff Aziz's name is once again the talk of netizens after a woman known as Sarah Yasmine claimed on Instagram that she is his girlfriend.

According to her post, she has been in a romantic relationship with Aliff since January.

Sarah said she decided to reveal their relationship after witnessing Aliff being heavily criticised by netizens following his arrest for khalwat (close proximity) with Malaysian actress Ruhainies last month.

While Sarah agreed that what Aliff did "was wrong", she felt he was being judged unfairly.

"Because she's a woman? Yes, the woman who used him should be equally guilty. (The woman) who got caught for khalwat. You know, right?" she wrote.

Sarah also uploaded a video of her with Aliff and screenshots of messages between the actor and someone named NRF, whom Sarah alleges is Ruhainies.

"I got close to Aliff in early January 2024 when we often communicated on social media because Aliff complained about his relationship with his wife (Bella) not going well.

"And (he) often asked for advice and moral support from me, making us closer and Aliff began to show affection and love to me and approached me to be in a relationship with him," she said.

She added that they had planned to meet in person sometime in February in Malaysia, and the meeting happened before he started shooting the drama Terjerat with Ruhainies.

Their relationship continued throughout the drama shoot, she said.

Even when the khalwat case was reported, Sarah decided to believe Aliff at first and did not question his relationship with his co-star.

However, she felt cheated when she happened to see intimate messages on his phone between Aliff and NRF.

"I took Aliff's phone and saw his conversation on Whatsapp with the name 'NRF', the woman caught of khalwat with him.

“I was quite surprised when I saw their conversation, (it's) as if they were in love, while he was in a relationship with me. My heart broke for trusting Aliff Aziz."

She added she also has evidence of conversations showing that the actress and Aliff conspired to bring down Bella.

"I was shocked to see NRF's plans to win Aliff's heart back from Bella. It turns out that Aliff's actions were to protect NRF, and everything he did was at NRF's words and orders (it seems like Aliff has been brainwashed)," she explained.

According to Sarah, she also believed that Bella knew of her presence as the third party in their marriage.

On March 9, officials from the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) arrested Aliff and Ruhainies at a condominium in KL for suspected khalwat (close proximity).

Bella then filed for a divorce from Aliff on March 11, saying it was the best path for her and Aliff. This is the second time the actress has filed for a divorce.

Bella and Aliff, who have two children, divorced in 2019 after he was accused of cheating on her. However, they reconciled in 2020.

At the divorce hearing on April 4, Aliff refused to divorce Bella.