Woman nearly hit by traffic after dashing across road in Sengkang, shocks both herself and motorists

Submitted by Stomper Jie Feng

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A pedestrian was caught on camera dashing across the road, leaving herself and other motorists equally shocked.

Stomper Jie Feng shared a video of the incident that occurred near The Seletar Mall in Sengkang on Wednesday (Feb 1), at around 4.30pm.

In the video, a woman can be seen appearing seemingly out of nowhere due to being obscured by a lorry and running across the road. The traffic light is not in her favour.

She looks shocked as the Stomper swerves to avoid colliding with her and then sprints off.

Jie Feng, who noted that the video does not have audio, said he had honked at the woman.

He told Stomp: "A motorcyclist beside me was also shocked by her actions and reacted by honking.

"She is so lucky that I had reacted quickly and braked on time and there weren't any incoming cars behind.

"I want to advise children and young adults to please wait for the next available traffic light, treasure your life and don't dash across the road because you will not always be that lucky."