Woman in China strips naked after meeting ex-husband who claimed he paid for all her clothes

A dispute at a mall in China took a bizarre turn when a woman stripped naked during a confrontation with her ex-husband.

According to Shanghaiist, the incident took place on Aug 19 at a shopping centre in Wuxi.

Patrons who witnessed what happened said that the woman's ex-husband immediately walked up to her after the both of them saw each other.

He then apparently told her that the phone she was carrying, as well as the clothes she was wearing, were bought by him.

The woman reacted in drastic fashion to his hurtful comments.

She reportedly threw her phone onto the floor, and proceeded to remove all her clothes.

A video of the incident shows her stripping naked in front of several onlookers.

Thereafter, she walked uncovered to a lift landing to wait for an elevator. Her ex-husband was no longer with her at that point.

Two women subsequently walked up to her to shield her from passersby. 

It is unclear what happened after that.