Woman driving Merc parks car in motorcycle lot and shouts at GrabFood rider after hitting his bike

Submitted by Stomper A, Sarah, Lau Lau

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A Mercedes-Benz driver was caught on video parking her car in a motorcycle lot and then shouting at GrabFood rider after allegedly hitting his bike.

Several Stompers alerted Stomp to footage of the incident which was posted on Singapore Incidents' Facebook group page on Mar 18.

According to captions on the video, the incident took place at a carpark in the 'Heartlands' at about 9.30am. It did not specify the exact location.

In the video, the driver is heard repeatedly sounding her horn while her male passenger is talking to a GrabFood delivery rider.

According to the post, the Merc knocked into the Grab rider's motorbike.

The woman continued to sound her horn 'without any concern of the people living in the surrounding [area]'.

The woman then gets out of the car and starts yelling at the Grab rider who appears to prefer talking to her male passenger instead.

Most of what she says is indecipherable except for her telling the rider to 'move away' in Mandarin.

The trio then continue to argue and gesture at each other.

The video included a photo of police officers at the scene but the contributor did not divulge how the dispute ended.

According to the Housing and Development Board (HDB), drivers who park their cars in a lot not designated for their vehicle type can be fined $70.