Woman arrested after stealing $1,390 worth of milk powder, cosmetics and toys at Raffles City

A 30-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly stealing $1,390 worth of items at Raffles City Shopping Centre, the police said in a statement on Monday (May 29).

They were alerted to a case of shop theft at the shopping mall on Sunday (May 28) at 3.45pm.

The woman was arrested at the scene and the stolen items, including milk powder, cosmetics, and toys, were recovered.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the woman is believed to be involved in other similar cases of shop theft islandwide.

She will be charged in court with theft in dwelling on Tuesday (May 30).

"The police take a serious view of shop theft cases and offenders will be dealt with firmly in accordance with the law," the police said.

"The police will continue to work closely with stakeholders and the community to prevent and deter cases of shop theft.

"The police would like to remind retailers to remain vigilant against shop thieves, especially when large crowds are expected."

Retailers are advised to adopt the following measures:

  • Ensure a good line of sight for the displays by using an appropriate shop layout;

  • Display advisory posters or signage against shop theft;

  • Display expensive merchandise in locked showcases or at prominent locations (e.g. near cashier counters);

  • Install CCTVs with recording system at the entrance/exit of the store to capture the facial features of shoppers; and

  • Deploy adequate security personnel to patrol the premises in luminous vests for deterrence.