Video of Nicole Seah and Leon Perera started circulating within WP in 2021, says 'insider'

A video of Workers' Party (WP) members Leon Perera and Nicole Seah behaving intimately is said to have started circulating as early as 2021.

Both Mr Perera, 53, and Ms Seah, 36, are married to other people.

The 15-second video shows them "holding hands for eight seconds" and "(Mr Perera) touching (Ms Seah's) hand six times", reported Shin Min Daily News.


A source who has worked with both Mr Perera and Ms Seah told Lianhe Zaobao that the pair began to communicate frequently in mid-2020 and soon grew closer.

This is as they are both on the WP's 15-member Central Executive Committee and Mr Perera is Ms Seah's mentor.

The insider source also said that the video in question had started circulating within the WP in early 2021 and is believed to have been filmed around that time.

According to the source, WP leaders were notified about the pair's close relationship in 2021, though it is unclear whether any action was taken at that time.

In a media statement on Monday (July 17), the WP said it is aware of the video "that suggests an inappropriate exchange between two senior Party members" and is currently looking into the matter.

Mr Perera did not turn up for his Meet-The-People Session (MPS) at Serangoon North Avenue 1 on Monday night, while WP chief Pritam Singh declined to comment at his MPS.