Woman in China gives birth to 'son-in-law' after getting raped by husband's father

A woman in China gave birth to a baby boy after she was raped by her infertile husband's father.

According to South China Morning Post, the woman’s mother-in-law allegedly forced her to have sex with male strangers after they found out that her husband was infertile in 2010. 

The woman refused and fled.

Her father-in-law however managed to track her down in Guangdong and convinced her to return home on the promise that she will not be forced to sleep with strangers.

However, on the way back, he then raped his daughter-in-law at a hostel.

The woman then became pregnant and chose not to abort the baby. 

She gave birth to a son, who according to the family tree will also be her son-in-law.

The family members plan  settle the case in court.

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