Woman appealing for witnesses after reckless Nissan driver causes accident on PIE

Stomper Carmen is appealing for witnesses who came across an accident on the PIE today (Apr 10).

The Stomper recounted what happened in an email to Stomp:

"On April 10 at around 1.40pm, I was driving my boyfriend's Grey Chverolet along the PIE towards Changi Airport and there were two other passengers in the vehicle. 

"I was travelling on the extreme left lane as I was passing the road divider near the Lornie Road exit when the driver of a Gold Nissan Latio cut into my lane in front of me without signalling.

"I horned and applied my emergency brake to avoid any collision. At that moment, a Malaysia-registered tour bus which was behind me collided onto the rear of my vehicle.

"The impact caused my passengers and I to jerk forward. The rear of my car was heavily damaged.

"Subsequently I stopped my vehicle to the road shoulder and the bus driver also followed suit. 

"I was not injured at that juncture but the impact caused back and bodily pain for all of us especially for my friend at the rear passenger seat. 

"We will be seeking medical treatment to ensure we are not suffering from any injuries that may result from this collision. 

"The Police then came and attended to the accident scene. 

"I did not install a car camera and I'm unable to trace the the driver that caused the accident.

"I would like to appeal to anyone with information about what happened to come forward."

Kindly write in to us at stomp@stomp.com.sg if you have any information about the accident.

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