Wife slashes off husband's genitals in Thailand after discovering his affair with her best friend

An affair with his wife's best friend ended badly for a Thai man after his wife slashed off his genitals as revenge.

According to Pattaya One, the 47-year-old man was found at Soi Noen Phlap Whan in Pattaya screaming for help and holding a bag of ice to his groin on June 7 at 4:30am.

As he was being treated by medics, his 39-year-old wife, sitting nearby and glaring at him angrily, explained what happened the night before.

Apparently, the wife had become furious after hearing rumours that her husband was cheating on her with her best friend.

In order to get back at him, she then devised an extremely cruel punishment.

She pretended that nothing had happened, and started flirting with her husband to arouse him into taking off his pants as if she were going to perform a sexual act.

Then, as soon as he let his guard down, she took out a sharp knife and sliced off his genitals. 

The incision was followed by heavy bleeding, and the shocked man began howling in pain. 

Seeing him in so much pain, she felt a bit sorry for him and decided to call for medics. 

Although medics will try their best to reattach the man's severed genitals, there is no guarantee that it will still be fully functional again.