Widow left devastated after 25-year-old son is killed in accident at MacPherson Rd

A motorcyclist was killed in an accident along MacPherson Road on Jun 3 at about 2.43pm.

The accident occurred near MacPherson Place and a Caltex petrol station, towards Playfair Road.

The victim was a 25-year-old man known as Paul, who worked at a car garage and was responsible for waxing vehicles.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, he had a very close relationship with his 53-year-old mother, who got divorced from her husband 13 years ago.

His mother revealed that her ex-husband had custody of her three daughters, but Paul remained by her side. The two lived together.

Ever since retiring from her job as a security personnel, she would accompany her son to work every day.

Paul's mother said that he had gone out to buy lunch for her while she waited in the car garage when the accident happened.

"I had called him 10 minutes before the accident. He said he had bought bubble tea and lunch, but would be late in returning to the garage and apologised to me," she told reporters.

When she learned of his mishap, she thought, "How could it be? I just spoke to him on the phone."

She rushed to the accident scene and saw Paul lying on the ground.

"I kept calling him, but there was no response."

He later died due to serious head injuries in Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

It is understood that he had lost control of his motorcycle, thus causing the accident.

A motorist had provided CCTV footage of the accident, but it wasn't clear enough. Hence, Paul's mother is appealing for witnesses and information.

Paul's mother, who had been planning to move into a new flat with her son, said she is at a loss about what to do.

She had lost her ex-husband after he died in his sleep last year and is now unable to accept that her son is gone too.