What is this? Bizarre fish-like creature in Serangoon North is full of spikes

Stomper Magesh was astonished to come across this unusual creature near Rosyth School along Serangoon North Avenue 4, at 6.47pm yesterday evening (May 27).

The animal resembled a fish, but was on land and had spikes on its body.

The Stomper said:

"A weird-looking fish with spikes around its back. Looks really weird.

"Can anyone explain what it is?"

Stomper Lau Lup believes that he has spotted the same creature in Rochor Canal.

In response to the original article, he said:

"Here is the video clip which closely resembles the mysterious dead creature found by another Stomper at Serangoon North.

"I had found two similar-looking ones in the Rochor Canal while crossing the Wave Bridge to go to the ICA Building on 23 May afternoon. See to believe!

"I believe these prehistoric-looking creatures are actually non-native fish that were either deliberately released or escaped.

"I think the creatures are armoured plated catfish or pleco. Some species are very common, while others are extremely costly.

"Some of them which are sold locally are new to science and do not even have a scientific name! These are the ones which fetch a high price and given names like L and some numbers behind it.

"Plecos tend to eat algae and can grow quite big. They are mostly seen in aquarium stores islandwide. I have also seen the common black ones in local reservoirs."