Stomp's Top Mum Awards winner's touching story shows that a mother's role is the toughest

Happy Mothers' Day, Stompers. Today's the day you show your love for your mother -- though you really should be doing so every day! 

In Top Mum Awards 2016, Stomp has received many entries of love, care and the insanely admirable things our 'Wonder Women' do. There's no greater love than a mother's love for her children.

Go on, remind them how much you appreciate them by saying, "I love you".

Here are the judges' choice of winners for Top Mum Awards 2016:


1st prize: My mother would punish me by putting wasabi in my mouth -- then cry with me and apologise after that

21-year-old Ivan shared with us a heartwarming write-up of his his mother, 45-year-old Jacqueline Lim, played a critical role in his life.

He wrote:

"Whenever I lied or was mischievous, she would punish me in her own unique ways. From putting wasabi in my mouth to hitting me with a cane, she was diverse in her ideas. After these punishments, she would always cry together with me, apologising and asking if I was okay. It was these experiences that inculcated in me the values of honesty,love and compassion."

His entry wins $250 worth of Takshimaya vouchers + $200 worth of Kinokuniya vouchers.

Read his full entry here.


2nd prize: Sorry, Ma... for not being a good daughter and always hurting you

Qiwi who blames herself for being a bad daughter shared with Stomp a heartfelt message she penned for her mother.

"Mummy, I am very sorry for everything I have done. I do not hope for your forgiveness but I hope you know how much you mean to me," she said.

Her heartfelt words wins $200 worth of Takshimaya vouchers + $160 worth of Kinokuniya vouchers.

Read her full entry here.


3rd prize: She never left when others did, and makes us happy even when in pain

Pallavi's mother is her superwoman, her best friend as well as her queen.

"My mum was always there for me when I had problems. She was always there telling me that everything is going to be okay. When others left, she didn't," she penned.

Her entry wins $150 worth of Takshimaya vouchers + $120 worth of Kinokuniya vouchers.

Read her full entry here.


4th prize: I thought my mum loved my brothers more than me -- but I was so wrong

31-year-old Liyana Sapuan thought her mother preferred her siblings over her in the past, but found out she was so wrong as she was growing up.

She said: "I always rebelled against her as I was growing up and felt that she always picked on me. I felt that she did not love me as much as my other siblings or like how my friend’s mum would."

Her story wins $100 worth of Takshimaya vouchers + $80 worth of Kinokuniya vouchers.

Read her full entry here.


5th prize: I preferred my 'pai-kia' friends to my mum, but she always says she wants to see the smile on my face

Janicia says that she felt that her 'pai-kia' friends protected her more then her mother, but soon realised just how hard her mum was working to keep her happy.

"I ignored her because I thought they were the ones who protect me and so called "loved me". As the days went by, I became more naughty," she said.

Her entry wins $50 worth of Takshimaya vouchers + $40 worth of Kinokuniya vouchers.

Read her full entry here.


If you missed the chance to share your mother's day story, don't worry as Stomp's Top Mum contest will be back next year.

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