Stomper from Taiwan dedicates video to S'pore: Look at how beautiful our city is

Having worked in Singapore for nearly four years, Stomper Golden Liu is so taken with the country that he has produced this video introducing its beauty.

He made the 15-minute clip because he wanted to share Singapore's beauty with his family and friends.

The stunning video shows many of Singapore's landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands, Gardens By The Bay, Changi Airport and River Safari.

It also showcases some of our most popular events such as the Formula One Race, Singapore Night Festival and Halloween Horror Nights.

HDB buildings, $1 ice cream, our Golden Jubilee celebrations as well as the many things that make us uniquely Singaporean are also included in the video.

Stomper Liu, who dedicates his video to Singapore, said: "My name is Liu Kuan Ting. I came from Taiwan and have been working in Singapore for nearly four years.

"I have always liked Singapore, and there are many beautiful things here in Singapore that I want to share with my friends and family, so I made this short video to introduce Singapore.

"I want to dedicate this video to Singapore. This video is not for profit, just purely for sharing purposes. I hope you will like this video and you are welcome to share this with the people around you too."

Check out his beautiful work below.

Let's travel to fantastic Singapore in 10mins from Golden Liu on Vimeo.