Stomper heart-broken after visiting Yangon orphanage: These children have not eaten meat in 2 months

Stomper Teow, who was on a trip overseas in Yangon, Myanmar last week, saw something heart-wrenching and saddening in a local orphanage while he was there.

According to the Stomper, the children in this orphanage near the city of Yangon in Myanmar has not eaten meat such as chicken for two months.

The photos below were taken by Stomper Teow.

He stated that:

"I went to this orphanage near Yangon last week, and was very surprised to hear that they could not afford meat for the children."

"Let's pray for them and hope that more donors will help them out with their current situation."

There are over 6,000 children living in over 200 unregistered orphanages in Yangon, Myanmar.

These children usually come from rural villages within the country, and usually do not have access to education as teachers are not willing to stay in rural areas and teach for a low salary.