Singapore car badly wrecked after accident on tracks towards Woodlands Train Checkpoint

Stompers Fauzi and Sim Ching Hui alerted us to an accident that occurred on the KTM train tracks of the Johor Bahru Causeway Woodland Bridge towards Singapore this morning (June 6). 

"A car went into the train lane this morning," explained Sim Ching Hui. 

"The accident caused train delays and traffic jams," added Fauzi.

It seems the car, a white Honda civic with Singapore license plates, collided with an oncoming train and sustained heavy damage.

The windows appear badly smashed, and the car's top, sides, and front are bent inwards and severely disfigured from the impact. 

The bumper is also dangling from the front of the car. 

Although exact details of the accident are still unknown, a post by 晓奉鹿 on the 新山吹水站 Facebook page says that the car was lifted from the scene this morning (June 6) at around 7:30am. 

Fortunately, no one seems to have been seriously injured in the crash. 

See pictures of the crash, courtesy of the Johor Bahru 吹水站 Facebook page, below.