Sick trend of women posing naked at public places in S'pore continues

Going wild and nude in public seems to be the 'thing' these days, as more photos of women posing naked in public have been circulating online. 

According to All Singapore Stuff, more than twenty photos are making its rounds on the Internet recently, showing nude women at various locations in Singapore like on the roads, at HDB void decks and corridors, at parks and gardens and in front of signboards.

These photos were circulating on local sex forums and social media.

The style of these were similar to another series of photos last year, where a young woman also posed nude at Singapore carparks and on the roads.

 Stompers Papasmurf and Xox had alerted us to those photos circulating on Tumblr.

This new viral trend is worrying as not only is it indecent to strip in public, they are endangering their lives by posing in the middle of the road.

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