Residents evacuated from their houses as fire breaks out at Bishan flat

A fire that happened yesterday (June 7) at 8.40pm in a fourth floor unit at Block 288 Bishan Street 24 saw 40 of its residents from the upper floors evacuated as a safety precaution. 

Stomper Stanley, who was nearby when the incident started, sent us photos showing firemen assisting with the evacuation and extinguishing the fire.

A spokesperson from the SCDF gave Stomp the following statement:

"The fire started at the bedroom of the fourth floor unit.

"Forty residents from the upper floors of the flat were evacuated for safety precautions.

"Three occupants were in the unit. One of them suffered minor cuts on his hands but did not go to the hospital.

"The SCDF extinguished it using a water jet and two compressed air backpacks."