Operation Dire Straits: Saving mistreated puppies from unlicensed puppy mills in the US

Puppies- the young of what we come to know as 'Man's best friend'. These little balls of fluff are what turns our frowning faces the other way, brighten up our day and makes us go 'Awwww!'. However, It is a shame that the worse of us take the joys they bring us for granted.

What are puppy mills? According to Merriam-Webster, puppy mill refers to a commercial farming operation in which purebred dogs are raised in large numbers. However, cases of puppies and dogs being mistreated or raised in horrible and filthy conditions are not new.

When the people at Animal Rescue Corps got to the scene of this particular home in Morgan County, TN, they named the rescue Operation Dire Straits.

What they saw was filthy, horrid conditions, with myriads of rubbish strewn everywhere. They found not only dogs and puppies, but also donkeys, roosters and even pigs. And they didn't stop until every single 32 of the animals found were rescued.