Man confronts woman for taking video of him bullying AirAsia staff at Changi Airport -- but gets owned big time

Stomper F sent Stomp a video showing a man speaking rudely and talking down to AirAsia staff at Changi Airport.

According to the Stomper who was due to fly back to Indonesia, the incident took place after flight staff changed boarding gates as passengers we queuing up.

In a video F recorded, the burly man can first be seen talking to and gesturing at an AirAsia staff.

As the staff left the gate to speak to a colleague, he rudely said to her:

"Cepat cepat cepat cepat (Malay for faster), hurry hurry hurry. 

"Don't think we are stupid." 

He then shouted some instructions at her and pointed at the direction of the gate.

At one point of the video, the huge man then realised he was being filmed.

He confronted the Stomper and told her:

"Turn of the video.

"You have to get my permission first."

While the man was aggressive towards the Stomper, she however remained calm told him 'you are being extremely rude', to which the man replied, 'I will complain to the airport authority. You took my video without permission'.

The Stomper was unfazed by his threat and coolly said: 

"Ok, go for it."

The man then left the area thereafter. 

Said F with regards to what happened:

"The AirAsia staff looked scared and stressed, but they remained professional. 

"I honestly thought he may try something and make a complaint against the AirAsia staff (who really deserve a medal, a month spa trip and a room filled with chocolates for not snapping at him)."

See what happened in the video below.