Hong Kong restaurant accused of serving faeces in noodles

June 7, 2016

A restaurant in Hong Kong is in hot water after being accused of serving noodles with faeces, Apple Daily reported.

A couple surnamed Ho bought the Buddha's delight noodles for lunch yesterday (June 6), only to discover two dark brown, foul-smelling items on the dish.

Thinking they could be uncooked black fungus, Mr Ho picked one up for a taste and spat it out immediately, claiming it had the same texture as faeces.

He said he gargled two to three litres of mouthwash to get rid of the disgusting aftertaste that remained.

Not satisfied with the restaurant staff's explanation that the strange substances were black fungus, Mr Ho kept them as evidence and called the police.

Officers from Hong Kong's Food and Environmental Hygiene Department who went to retrieve the disputed objects from Mr Ho's home for tests commented that they were "very smelly indeed".

The officers also went to examine the restaurant's kitchen, and the FEHD was quoted by Coconuts Hong Kong as saying it would take appropriate action if necessary.