'Holy' toilet in Japan sings 'Hallelujah!' and shines light on urinal

Who knew that enlightenment can be found in a toilet near you?

The last thing you'd expect when doing your business is for the lights to dim and then shine on your urinal and self, with the euphonious symphony of the Hallelujah chorus from German composer George Handel's famous "Messiah" merrily playing at the background.

Perhaps you've found your purpose in life, treaded upon the lands of revelation and conquered the unknown with truimph while using this wonderful toilet. Just kidding, you'll probably be confused, astonished or even amused, just like twitter user @_an9n who proceeded to tweet a clip of the toilet in it's greatest glory, saying “I just came to play darts, but the toilet was amazing lol”

What on earth is this? It is none other than a toilet located at the Warehouse arcade in Saitama, Japan, as stated in a Japanese blog, RocketNews 24

According to Asiaone, a toilet like this is to be found in Japan is perhaps not surprising, given that the country's well-known obsession with cleanliness and hygiene. Well, looks like we could only say one thing: "Holy s**t!".