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Here's a round-up of some of our favourite posts from the past week:

1. This cool photo from Stomper Mike that plays tricks on your eyes

2. Stomper Entomologist got upclose with nature and learned the secrets of its inhabitants

He said: "This picture was taken on Monday morning (Mar 28) when I went for a walk at HortPark at Hyderabad Road.

"I took a close shot with my camera and was surprised to see this light brown grasshopper resting on an inflorescence of the same colour. By blending in with the colour of the environment, this insect will escape the detection of a would-be predator."


Stomper Entomologist discovered how this grasshopper has adapted to survive in a harsh world of predators: Camouflage.

A photo posted by Stomp Singapore (@stompsingapore) on

3. A rare moment of the moon in its orange glory that Stomper Fouzia captured in Compassvale

He said: "Wondrous orange aglow moon and a dazzling delight to my eyes. It was pleasing to see the moon in such an awesome hue. This tint vanished so quick."

4. Interesting Plants vs. Zombies cutouts opposite The Cathay that caught Stomper Karin's eye

She said: "Hello, saw some Plants vs Zombies displays opposite The Cathay today. It looks really good eh! Took some pics to share."

5. The magical sight in the sky that left Stomper Lau Lup awed

"He said: "I was travelling to my office via taxi on the afternoon of Mar 9. I saw a row of colourful and ornate shophouses around Whampoa along the way.

"As the taxi was waiting for the green light, I took the opportunity to take pictures of the building which happened to be along the road. I managed a few shots before the taxi moved.

"As I went through the pictures, I was amused by the juxtaposition of the two signs boards "LOOKZ" and "BOTAK", and the cloud formation directly above the signs which resembled a bald headed man with pointy ears, puffing out white smoke.

"My initial attraction and attention to the building have been diverted to the sign boards and clouds. The bold capital words of the two boards seemed to subtly tell me to look at the botak man which was formed by the clouds.

"I marvelled at the coincidence of the signs and the bald man-resembling cloud. I was glad that my decision to take pictures during the short moment had paid off.

"I was happy to freeze this one of its kind moment whereby all elements complement one another to make the picture interesting and unique.

"Always remember, shoot and ask questions later! When the magical moment is gone, it may be gone forever!

6. Singapore's hottest hip-hop unit, Grizzle Grind Crew celebrated its third anniversary at Zouk on Mar 26 -- and we were there during all the excitement


@grizzlegrind celebrated its 3rd anniversary with an explosive performance at @zouksingapore last night!

A photo posted by Stomp Singapore (@stompsingapore) on

Be sure to check out our 360-degree videos of the event on Facebook! (1)(2)(3)

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