Henan groom shocked to find out that 'pregnant bride' is actually a man

A man was overjoyed when his girlfriend told him that she was pregnant last October.

According to Shanghaiist, Wang from Huaiyang county, Henan province had met the girl online.

His family went out all for the wedding preparations, only for the bride to vanish after a mere three days -- along with gifts and valuables worth tens of thousands.

As Wang's family thought that the couple had simply gotten into a fight, they did not make a police report.

At around the same time, a young man from nearby Ruzhou city reported to the police that he had met a girl online, claiming to be named Miao Xiaomin.

Using various techniques, she had coerced him into giving her 31,000 yuan.

Police then set up a trap to lure the girl into an internet cafe and arrest the suspect -- who turned out to be a cross-dressing 27-year-old man called Miao Songtao.

Upon searching his house, police found skirts, wigs, high heel shoes and even women's underwear and cosmetics masks.

Miao revealed that he had managed to cheat 11 'boyfriends' in just over a year and only one had reported him to the police.

Netizens are more impressed with how he managed to pull off the con that brought him hundreds of thousands in renminbi.